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Hiya! My name is Jade. I own an Etsy shop. I make tons of wire knuckle / midi rings, amongst other types of jewelry. I created this blog to share stuff about my Etsy shop, my creative process as a jewelry designer and seller on the Etsy marketplace, and to answer any questions you may have.

Month: July, 2013

Turquoise Bead Knuckle Ring (midi ring / mid finger ring) – Handmade, Hypoallergenic & Adjustable.

Photo taken by JBenzPhoto of aka John Benitez

Turquoise Bead Knuckle Ring (midi / mid finger) – Handmade, Hypoallergenic & Adjustable

This has been my most popular piece. It is truly a bestseller. In the 9.5 months that my Etsy shop FromBrooklynWLove -> [ ] has been open, this specific ring has received over 15,505 views, 1,450 admirers, and has made it into 16 treasury lists. I have hand-made and sold over 400 of these Turquoise Bead Knuckle Rings. Although I offer this piece in gold, copper, silver, and rose gold, the metal mire colors that my buyers frequently order them in, is gold and silver. I have sold these rings domestically through Etsy to buyers all over the United States, and internationally all over the world, including places like England, Australia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands, just to name a few. I even came across orders from countries I had never heard of.

~~One fun fact I learned to not freak out about when I had gotten my first UAE buyer, is that there are no zip codes in Abu Dhabi. Since the city is constantly in the motions of being built and being perfected, there are no set zip codes yet. Everything is by zone. The easiest way I was able to understand this seemingly foreign concept, was by thinking of it as how us Americans use PO Boxes. We have to go to a facility to pick up our mail that way, the same way they do, and all of a sudden, it is not so very foreign to pick up your personal mail and packages held in a mailing facility only walking distance from your home. ~~

Anyway, back to the awesome little Turquoise Bead Knuckle Ring. This piece is lightweight and very sturdy. (I use the thickest wire I possibly can that also lends a delicate look. No monstrosities here! See my last rant.) It is adjustable (the ends are neatly tucked away so that it won’t snag on clothing or skin), and hypoallergenic. (Nickel-free and also non-tarnish. It is the nickel in non-precious metals that cause unwanted skin reactions like blisters, rashes, and that weird green hue. The non-tarnish part means exactly what you think. The ring won’t tarnish. The wire that I use has a special coating on it that prevents the metal from oxidizing when it comes in contact with oxygen the way natural silver does.) It is also well made. I’m a perfectionist, so if it doesn’t look perfect, it’s not going out to my buyers. I will remake it if I have to.

I love making jewelry, especially this piece. It’s pretty convenient that it’s the most popular amongst my buyers, yet its the easiest and fastest piece for me to make. I also love wearing this piece. This specific design spurred many of my buyers to request that I create and list new rings with this same design, except with other bead colors and different finishes like matte, glossy, pearlescent, etc. Those also sell quite frequently too.

Link for this piece:

Anyway, thats enough writing for this Sunday afternoon.

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Stay tuned for more updates.

Thanks for reading!

~ Jade

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“OMG! I LOVE MIDI RINGS!” (Says a lot of twitter users).

Plain Knuckle Rings 2pc Set (midi / mid finger) - Handmade, Hypoallergenic & Adjustable

Plain Knuckle Rings 2pc Set (midi / mid finger) – Handmade, Hypoallergenic & Adjustable

“OMG! I LOVE MIDI RINGS!” (Says a lot of twitter users).

The normal consumer would see a celebrity wearing some of the cutest midi rings like Rihanna, Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie, Miley Cyrus, and the dreadful “You’re ugly!” twitter diarrhea having, Amanda Bynes. Please do not wear midi rings because of Amanda Bynes.

This same normal consumer will then go online so Google can do the ever so hard work of finding a “super cute / but super simple / not really sure / midi / knuckle ring” (because lets be honest here, we’re not really sure what to call them). (Lets get something straight here, it is not the midi ring that makes your hand look nice, it is a nice manicure and/or unpolished, yet neatly trimmed and shaped nails that makes the midi ring look nice on you. If your nails are bitten down to the quick, do not attempt to wear knuckle rings. Enough said). Miss/Mrs. Normal Consumer will almost immediately be shot over to Etsy where she will find “ALL THE THINGS!” (#meme). So now that this large variety of shapes, colors, hybrids, and designs have been laid out for her, she will begin to weed them out with words like, ‘simple’ or ‘plain’ or ‘midi / knuckle ring like the ones Rihanna wears’ (Yes, I can see all of the ridiculous searches people do before finding my midi rings). Only then will she weed out knuckle rings by color, before following that up with price.

My major rant and rave begins here.

Miss/Mrs. Normal Consumer would rather purchase two open ended knuckle rings made of 20, 22, or even 24 gauge (thickness) of an unspecified metal content wire, to a set “one size fits all” type sizing, with the awesomely low price of $3.00. The shipping is also $3.00, the seller is international (so you’ll have to wait three weeks), and the seller does NOT have a perfect 100% positive feedback rating, but instead, it is sadly around a measly 60%.

When you, Miss/Mrs. Normal Consumer receive your so highly anticipated set of two knuckle rings (we’re talking three weeks later), you put them on and you think, “Hmmm, they’re kind of thin, just like stud earring posts, or the fish hooks of hanging earrings. They also feel about as durable as dental floss. It’s fine, I’ll go about my day typing, driving, doing groceries, etc., and see what happens”. By the end of the day, one is so bent, it’s lost its shape, and the other is NOWHERE to be found. So now, Miss/Mrs. Normal Consumer, you try to contact the seller, only to find out that they’re unreasonable and/or not returning your email correspondences. You leave them yet ANOTHER negative feedback to the crap feedback pile they have already accumulated. You bend the remaining ring into as best shape as you possibly can with your fingertips (because why would you have tiny jewelry pliers?), and you continue to wear your, now one, knuckle ring until your mid finger turns green, and speckled with some shiny, pink bumps. You finally give up and remove the damn thing, yet the sadness and regret of what could have been, will last until the disease like rash and green hue goes away. The seller, however, lies in bed at night cackling, “I got my money, and she got what she paid for.”

YES Miss/Mrs. Normal Consumer, you are slowly starting to realize what this rant is about. You are both correct, yet incorrect at the same time. Compare, compare, COMPARE when you shop! Now, chances are, I cannot protect you from crappy sellers out there. What I can do however is help you weed out the good, from the bad sellers.

Things to look out for as an Etsy knuckle / midi ring buyer:

  • “Oh, this is cute, but it’s silver and I like gold (insert mental frowny face here).”

Click on the listing. Chances are, the seller already thought of that, and offers a variety of the “normal” jewelry industry colors like silver, copper, gold, and rose gold. Some sellers even offer fun colors like blue, pink, green, black, purple, etc. wire choices.

  • Make up your mind on if you would like adjustable knuckle rings. They have their pros and cons.


You can save money, because then you can switch up which fingers you would like to wear your knuckle rings on, instead of having a set finger for that one knuckle ring.

They’re also harder to fall off. You can squish them tighter in the winter as our fingers shrink in cold weather, or widen them a bit in the summer, as our fingers get slightly plump in warm weather.


Sometimes buyers do not finish the ends correctly or neatly, and your ring can scratch your skin. Politely ask them.

  • Adjustable knuckle rings are even more awesome when they’re your size.

Which would you rather? An adjustable knuckle ring that can only adjust one whole size up or down, but is a size 9, or an adjustable knuckle ring that can adjust a whole size up or down, but is a size 4? Exactly.

This leads me to sizing. How do I know what size I am in knuckle rings? If your ring finger is a size 7, you just need to size down by two. This means that when you receive your size 5 knuckle ring, it will sit comfortably between your first and second knuckle on your ring finger.

  • If you are allergic to non-precious metals, do you want your finger to turn green, itchy, and break out in a rash?

If yes: Buy whatever you please to your hearts’ content.

If no: Look for descriptions that have key words like:


Nickel-free (it is the nickel in lower end metals that cause the allergic reaction)


  • Shop domestic. Why?

Boost small businesses within your country (yes, we have to pay taxes too).

You get your package faster, and you get really excited when there’s something other than a pile of bills sitting in your mailbox. (Example: I ship from Brooklyn, NY [one of five boroughs in NYC]. It takes ONE day for USPS snail mail to get my packages anywhere in NYC, and TWO days to states like NJ, CT, even GA and FL. Lastly, it takes THREE days to get to states like TX, CA, AZ, etc.)

  • Check out a buyer’s feedback rating. If they have 100% positive, you’re golden.

However, if you’re a skeptic like me, feel free to read what people have to say (that’s what the feedback system is there for).

The feedback rating is especially strong when you check to see how many sales they’ve made.

  • The price:

Only now can you weed out your next prized piece of jewelry based on the price.

For the Etsy sellers who do this to buyers and further turn them away from all of Etsy, shame on you. Try wearing your jewelry a few days at a time so you can give your buyers an ACCURATE description. Perfect, perfect, PERFECT!

–For future reference, all of the knuckle / midi rings that I make and sell in my Etsy shop, FromBrooklynWLove, are made of thick, sturdy, non-tarnish, nickel-free wire. Most of them are adjustable, and you can select a ring size for all of them. The ends are either rounded off or buffed down, so they won’t snag on your skin or clothing. I ship from NYC, USA. I have 100% positive feedback after over 750 sales within the past 9.5 months that my shop has been open. You can find wonderful multiple blog reviews about the jewelry I make, its quality, reasonable pricing, and my cause (I donate $1 from each knuckle ring to the (ACS) American Cancer Society) all over the web. Anyway, I adhere to these rules. I’m an Etsy buyer too, therefore I find it fair.

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Thank you for reading my post

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~ Jade

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