Where Can I find “Fuck You” Rings?

by frombrooklynwlove

Hey guys!

Today, I’ll be talking about my “fuck you” ring set. In the previous post, I explained how I use tarnish resistant and hypoallergenic wire to make most of my jewelry. The reason I say most, is because I do make other jewelry, just out of 99.9% pure silver, and soon, I’ll be using 92.5% sterling silver. It’s just that some of my designs are too delicate for soft silver, so I have to use a sturdier silver, but that’s for another blog post. The “fuck you” ring set is of course offered in copper, silver, gold, and rose gold. Because of the space the lettering takes up, the smallest size I currently make is a US size 4, and because my mandrels only go up to US size 12, that’s the largest size I offer. I also make them adjustable if it’s requested in the comments section of the order.

They can be worn next to each other, with a finger or two in between, or one as a normal placement ring, and the other as a midi ring. A customer contacted me with a photo she found, and said that she wanted the “fuck” ring to be smaller (so basically a midi ring) than the “you” ring so that she could wear them both upside down, and on her middle finger. Think about it. That’s a creative way to get through your day without having to say a single word. I’d be flipping birds everywhere. It’s especially useful for mornings.

A few months ago, my “fuck you” rings started to gain more traction, and before I knew it, a large majority of orders that came in were for this set. It was odd, but I didn’t think much of it. Weeks started to go by and I was positive that I was making less of my bestsellers, and more of these cute little grumpy rings. So I decided to google, fuck you rings, and sure enough, my listing popped up in the strangest of places. It was featured on foreign and domestic blogs, and surprisingly, thisiswhyimbroke.com, with this funny description:

“Spice up your bland look with a little profane language by accenting your outfit with these “Fuck You” rings. When the pair of rings are placed side by side, whoever you point them at gets a heartfelt “fuck you” without you having to say a single word.”

Then, one of my customers sent me a message telling me that she posted it to a Facebook group that had 25,000 followers, along with a screenshot from her app where people were discussing it and expressing their interest. WOW ❤ (I would add the screen shot, but for the sake of their privacy, I won’t).

Honestly, I’m really flattered. I thank all of you. The growing popularity of my “fuck you” rings is still shocking. I’m truly grateful to everyone who has made this purchase for themselves and friends. It’s really exciting to see shared pictures of my rings all over social media. I love receiving your appreciation pictures, and reading your feedback. Customers who turn into clients always get surprise discounts for their second+ orders. I know that the shipping prices are getting out of hand, but we only have USPS to blame for that. It’s not just me, and it’s not only the Etsy marketplace sellers. USPS ups their pricing to us sellers every year, but fortunately, they’re still your most wallet friendly option. I’m always looking for better options for my customers.

In the past summers, some of my clients who live and work in NYC offer to meet up for their package. It’s usually pretty convenient since most people are out and about in the summer, but as of right now, in this NYC winter, $3.99 shipping is still better than the $5.50 round trip metro card for the MTA. I’m all about balancing comfort, convenience, saving people money, and great quality. Anyway, I didn’t mean to let shipping hijack this post, so that’s all I’ll say about it for now.

Again, thank you all ever so much for your continuous support. If you like my jewelry, click through to order from my Etsy shop, From Brooklyn With Love. Feel free to ask anything or request a special order. I’m always happy to help. Don’t forget to like my shop on Facebook and Etsy. Follow my shop on Instagram and Twitter (both @FromBklynWLove) for surprise discounts and behind the scenes stuff. While you stay tuned for another blog post, check out my shop updates.

Buy fuck you rings and bye for now 🙂

~Jade ❤