From Brooklyn, With Love

Hiya! My name is Jade. I own an Etsy shop. I make tons of wire knuckle / midi rings, amongst other types of jewelry. I created this blog to share stuff about my Etsy shop, my creative process as a jewelry designer and seller on the Etsy marketplace, and to answer any questions you may have.

I Love Foreign Feedback!

So sweet! It basically says that she loves it, she never takes it off, and her friends love it as well. She was also surprised at the super fast shipping seeing as how it came from New York. Then, she sums it up by stating that I’m super friendly and attentive, and throws in a cute idiom that she “bought it with closed eyes”.


I Love Feedback Like This!



“This arrived so quickly that Etsy wouldn’t let me leave feedback for 2 days because it didn’t believe it had already arrived. Shipped out the same day I ordered it, looks awesome. Thanks, lady! ~ Lauren

Fuck You Rings

Set of rings that say ‘FUCK’ and ‘YOU’. They’re constantly in my top 5 on a weekly basis. No need to speak, so I love them too! #justsayin to find them.

You’re welcome.